The future of wine clubs is now.

WCH_Unique Varietals

Our independent producers explore unique varietals and create exclusive blends that will never appear on retail shelves.  

With over 10,000 grape varieties in the world, there are so many more wines to experience.

WCH_Independent Wine Makers

Our wineries don’t have focus groups or shareholders or executive boardrooms. 

Our wineries simply have passion and the dedication to quality found on the family farms and shared crush facilities where limited-production wine is crafted.

WCH_Vineyard Adventure

Come along with us to seek out new wines, to meet extraordinary winemakers, and to hear their stories.  

You won’t find these wines at the supermarket or in expensive tasting rooms; you’ll only find them at the end of a gravel road, in an old barn, and in the vineyards where the grapes are grown and harvested.

Most of our wineries produce less than 2,500 cases a year—some produce less than 100 cases.  

Our mission is to help these small wineries tell their stories and to connect them with customers who want to be part of the tale.